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French Tuck Auto Bottom

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Need a custom size for your packaging? That's what FoldedColor is all about! Stand out with packaging that is uniquely your own.

Our Custom Printed French Tuck Top Auto Bottom, or Crash Lock Box, can be sized to fit your product with your specifications. This style is a perfect option for machine filling or filling by hand. The tuck top closes to the back and the bottom folds automatically for easier assembly. Easy-to-use and a time saver, the French Tuck Top Auto Bottom is found all over retail shelves.

Ready to get started?

Get going by inputting your custom dimensions. Don't forget to make sure that all value fields are filled out, even if they are zero. Pick your quantity and coating. Download your custom die line and edit offline with Adobe® Illustrator®, or other open source illustration software of your choice. After submitting your finished artwork, you will be able to see your completed project in 3D and approve it prior to submitting your order.

With order quantities as low as 2 pieces, FoldedColor gives you the power to see your brand's vision come to life from initial prototypes to full print runs.